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Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Israe Benslimane, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos - Consultants Retail / CPG / Luxury

Current French announcements

Inspired by Alibaba in China, Carrefour will launch a "Single Day" event on november 11. This event for single people will be an offer of 11% reduction for the first 11.111 customers owners of a fidelity card. Regarding the promotion of Alibaba, Carrefour offer seems shy as this date is a major time of the Alibaba's marketing calendar.

ISN Magasine - 02/11/2019 - See more

Current international announcements

All sectors, industries, firms are now committed to diminishing their ecological footprint, IKEA and H&M included. They both have the ambition to be circular business in the near future. This drift implies, among others, to use recycled materials. However, the knowledge concerning chemicals contained in recycled materials is vague. Thus, in order to achieve the best results, IKEA and H&M have financed a common study on this matter. Its focus is on cotton but the objective is to broaden the study to other textiles such as polyester and wool rich textiles. 

Retail in Asia - 25/10/2019 - See more

Conjonctures and trends

In the wake of an era in which firms are becoming more and more conscious of their ecological footprint, L'Oréal and Albéa are partnering to develop the 1st carton based cosmetic tube. L'Oréal's initiative is in line with the responsible policy the brand has always pursued.  

TR Business - 22/10/2019 - See more

ShopStyle.com, bought by Rakuten in 2017, offers the possibility to fashion influencers to track better their conversion rates linked to a post and to master their datas. This browser, dedicated to fashion, enables customers to benefit from a fluid online customer experience by giving them access to the shopping details, like price, stock and URL to buy the product, of the clothes of the post. 

Customer Insight Consulting - 16/09/2019 - See more


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