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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Emilie Ramon, Albane Rouaix, Léa Korenian - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury 

Notable trends

The confinement due to the Corona virus and the closure of shops has pushed brands to innovate, creating a new form of shopping and maintaining their link with their customers.After having created virtual mini fashion shows, the Italian house is launching the "Virtual Boutique Experience": a platform to take its customers virtually to their favourite shops, while offering them a shopping experience similar to the physical experience. By viewing the shop at 360 degrees and moving around, consumers can click on products and access their product information. They can also make an appointment with a salesperson and take a virtual tour of the shop. The only drawback is that the concept does not allow the product to be purchased directly on this dedicated site, which limits the fluidity of the customer experience.

Fashion Network - 2020/11/24 - More details

Latest global announcements

After Gap and the Citadium, another group announces the upcoming closure of its flagship on the Champs Elysées. Abercrombie & Fitch, which had set up in 2011, with demonstrations by muscular young men, in the four levels and more than 1,200 square meters of the private mansion on 23 Champs Elysées, is also leaving Paris. Some other A&B flagships will also be closed in London and Munich.

Fashion Network - 2020/11/24 - More details

The platform that brings together DIY professionals and private individuals NeedHelp goes under the English flag. The London e-commerce merchant specialized in DIY Kingfisher buys the majority of the shares of the French startup for 10 million euros. It thus owns 80% of NeedHelp, against 20% for its founder Guillaume de Kergariou. This acquisition will enable Kingfisher to accelerate the digitization of its DIY services through the French platform, but will also strengthen Kingfisher's position in France, its largest market.

French Web - 2020/11/25 - More details

When, in France..

The famous department store chain: Printemps announced the closing of  some of the group stores. This bad news is due to the struggling  situation generated by the worldwide coronavius pandemic.  The  lockdown enforced by the french gouvernment and the lack of tourists led the stores to a  critical situation that gave no choice  than those 4 closings. 


Reuters - 2020/11/10 - More details

Buzz of the moment

The new social network TikTok is all the rage. This week, the large retailer Système U has joined the social network with a clear objective: to reach out young customers. Their first publication deals with a subject dear to the younger generation: environmental protection. We see two well-known influencers encouraging to recycle masks. This entry is a success. The latest video with Léna Vivas has already accumulated nearly 17 million views. The account already gathers more than 20 000 subscribers.The bet is successful and shows that uses are possible for the mass-market brands.

LSA Connecté  - 2020/11/23 - More details


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