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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos, Albane Rouaix - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Latest global announcements

When a lot of retailers are closing down, Sephora juste announced that they aim to expand in the United States with the opening of more than a 100 stores in 2020. They believe in physical stores to take advantage of the growing beauty and personal care markets. A rework of their in-store strategy has been made to reach customers and gain market share against their main competitors. Most of these new stores will be in town centers and will put the stress on client services. On the top of that, buildings will be environmental friendly by being supplied with 100% renewable energy.

CNBC - 2020/02/04 - More details

Farfetch and Chanel are working together on implementing augmented reality in stores. As first tests have been more than conclusive, the technology is about to be deployed. Customers will be able to book appointment from outside of the store with a Fashion Advisor thanks to an app, have a preview of the latest looks and have access to an intelligent fitting room. Thanks to a mirror able to read RFID technology, as soon as an item is brought to the cabin, several looks - photos and videos, will appear on the mirror and enable clients to collect as much information as needed.

Fashion Network - 2020/01/31 - More details

Ikea is planning to open a eco-store in Vienna in 2021. With no car park, the store will offer to the customers only small items for immediate purchase. The more heavy ones will be available for delivery. A lot of green plants will be covering the facade and an hostel will take place at the top of the building. Moreover, the building is thought to be easily re-used if ever Ikea is moving out. .

Retail Dive - 2020/01/22  - More details

Notable trends in the sector

Due to Corona virus, US companies operating in China are closing officies and shops (Starbucks, Macdonald, Uniqlo, Ikea ect.). WaltDisney has also temporaly closed its park. Some adaptation from the retailers are expected. Business in China will have to reconfigure their supply chains to emphasize ecommerce and deemphasize bricks-and-mortar until the virus has subsided and people feel comfortable returning to public spaces.

NRF - 2020/01/31 - More details

While one of the most important trends, pointed out at the NRF's show, is consumers searching for sustanainability, it seems a bit paradoxal that the 1-day-free-shipping from Amazon is still so successful. As a matter of fact, even if shipping environmental impact could be less important that the one triggered by driving to store to pick up its purchase, in reality, it is not so obvious. Purchases can be packed in several boxes, each of them sent separately and the lack of minimal purchase amount should be into the equation.

Forbes - 2020/01/21 - More details

On demand production spreads among the retail industry. It has many advantages: it entails risks and costs reductions and it is more environmentally friendly than mass-production. Far from being marginal, brands such as Promod, L'oréal, Ikea and H&M launched initiatives to foster this tendency. 

Le Hub - La Poste - 2020/02/06 - More details

In the wave of the NRF which was held last month, 5 brands stand out in trying to redefine classical brick and mortar shops. Among these, one can name Puma which offers to its customers to try shoes while playing on a in-store soccer simulator or Burrow house (specialized in furniture) which lets its customers try its item in real home conditions. 

Retail Dive - 2020/02/04 - More details

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