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Notable trends

How a make-up brand & retailer can face Covid 19 crisis when client advisory in stores represent a big part of the day-to-day business? Sabrina Herlory, French General Director of MAC is sharing her vision and highlights that digital humanization is key in order to keep a close relationship with the clients. 

Premium Beauty News - 2021/01/02 - More Details

The covid pandemic has deeply changed the retail industry in various ways. The main one is the improvement of customer service . The customer has always been very valuable to companies, but this period has increased this aspect to put his demand in the center of their strategy and offer an on-demand service.

Forbes - 2021/01/28 - More details

As the new year starts, the major retail trends of 2021 have been exposed by Critizr after a study led on more than a hundred companies. The 5 forecasts are  the spring of online sales, customer loyalty, the need to stay agile, to keep the human as heart of the customer experience and local consumption.

LSA - 2021/01/11 - More Details

Latest global announcements

After 3 months of abscence, Jack Ma made a short apparition in a video clip on January, 20th. Since october and some speech against the politic lead by Chinese government, Alibaba's founder was missing. However no explanation has been given in the clip realeased end of Jan. Jack Ma only shared that he took that time to think.

Forbes - 2021/01/24 - More details

The famous French company, worlwide actor of well-being and beauty has been declared bankrupt by starting a Chapter 11 process in the United States. The goal is to reduce their footprint with 166 stores and restructure their business to be viable.

Forbes - 2021/01/27 - More Details

When, in France..

Cdiscount is diversifying its activity and offer now the ability of creating its own marketplace with Cdiscount's help. This all inclusive solution will provide pureplayers and retailers with products, logistic and IT solution and enable them to speed up their e-development.
E Commerce Mag - 2021/01/18 - More details
Veepee just launched a platform to sell your old product on the platform. The principle is easy, you send back your  clothes form a specific brand and you will  get a voucher . Veepee wil recycle the product and sell it.  This new service offered by the european giant  is a way to enter in the  secon-hand market.
Global Retail News - 2021/01/10 - More details
Lou Yetu, a fashion jewelry brand, that has been facing a big success since its beginning is now in trouble. Last week, the Instagram account "Balance ta startup" revealed testimonies of former employees who shared that jewels are not hand made in Paris as claimed by the CEO (Camille RIOU) but bought in China and that working conditions are unspeakable due to CEO's moral harassment towards her employees. Since, Camille RIOU has denied everything but the brand has not posted anything more on social medias yet.
L'ADN - 2021/01/21 - More Details


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