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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Israe Benslimane, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Latest global announcements

On 18 December, L'Oréal China was awarded the Grand ONE Business Award by the CEO of the Alibaba Group, which recognises the best digital business transformations. L'Oréal's Chinese subsidiary was singled out for "its data-driven product innovation, multi-channel marketing and new personalised customer experiences". In China, L'Oréal's consumer brands generate 51% of their sales via e-commerce.

MediaRoom L'Oreal - 2019/12/23 - More details

British supermarket Tesco recently suspended one of its Chinese Christmas cards suppliers after a 6-year-old girl found a scheming message written inside a card. This message reported that these cards were packed by foreign prisoners who are victims of forced labour in Shanghai Qingpu Prison China. After that incident, the Bristish Giant immediately suspended the factory where these cards are produced and launched an investigation.

Reuters - 2019/12/22  - More details

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, is deploying a new function on its C to C Taobao platform. This function, named "Taoxiaopu", aims to improve conventional retail models by giving the 693 million active users of the marketplace the opportunity to create online shops and perform dropshipment. This practice allows sellers to avoid keeping physical stock and to transfer orders to manufacturers or wholesalers.

Tech in Asia - 2020/01/03 - More details

Online market is growing fast in Africa and everyone wants its piece of cake. As Jumia was the first website to settle in Africa, they had to struggle with DHL-acquired Konga from May 2019. And now a new formidable adversary entered the race as Alibaba is trying to gain market shares as well... Will there be enough cake for everyone?

Tech Crunch - 2020/01/01 - More details

In order to open up to overseas markets, Forever 21, a Los Angeles based fashion retailer, leans up on a new e-comemrce startegy. Brand's president, Alex Ok, anounces the launching of  new websites in Asia, Latin America and Canada. Those websites will be adapted to each local market and its needs with more than 95 currencies and 150 different payment methods, as well as adjusted offer depending on local market characteristics. 

Fashion Network - 2020/01/08 - More details

Notable trends in the sector

CES - the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies - started last Tuesday in Las Vegas. Samsung unveiled a revolutionary AR-based invention: a humanoid chatbot that is supposed to behave like a real human. This technology called Neon does not aim to know it all and is not interfaced with the Internet, but tends to assist people on specifically identified subjects.

Cnet.com - 2020/01/07 - More details

Another technology presented at the CES was L'Oréal "Perso": a high-tech device that offers instantly customized skincare, foundation or lipstick. You can take a picture of your skin with your smartphone, an app will analyze it and then, as it is connected to Perso, it will instantly produce a made-to-order cream adjusting several components so that it matches your skin's specific needs that day, as well as meteorological events or pollution rates. 

The Verge - 2020/01/05 - More details 

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