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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos, Albane Rouaix - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Top News

In order to decrease its impact on the environment, FashionCube, alliance of several Mulliez brands, has decided to relocate blue jean production in France and to maintain same level of prices thanks to new technologies, more ecological friendly.

Fashion Network - 2020/06/17 - More details

Latest global announcements

Zara customers are about to be thrilled: thanks to a new partnership, the brand will soon make customer journey easier regarding their quest of buying the item they are looking for. With the use of RFID tag, customer will have a very precise vision of stocks, whatever the selected store is. Customers will be able to reserve a changing room and self check-out as well.

Reuters - 2020/06/10 - More details

The snapchat application has recentry partnered with the Italian luxury brand Gucci. Together, the two companies developed the "Try-on" option, which allows users of the application to virtually try on iconic models of the brand. This technology allows them to choose among four pairs of shoes and try them on virtually. The shopping experience can then be confirmed with a purchase via a "Buy Now" button.

Bandt - 01/07/2020 - More details

Notable trends

In France, the optical sector is lead by the way customers are percieving prices: often, the only thing a customer will remember from his purchase is how much he paid. With the pandemic, customer relationship could have the opportunitiy to gain ground. One way could be the implementation of subscription, already trendy in other sectors. 

Bienvu.ws - 2020/06/17 - More details


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