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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos, Albane Rouaix - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Notable trends in the sector

According to a recent research, contactless payments are supposed to increase globally from 2 to 6 billion dollars by 2024. This extraordinary growth is mainly based on the widespread use of mobile wallets in the Chinese market and the normalization of contactless POS in the US, where the number of contactless transactions will be multiplied by 10 from 2020 to 2024. 

Retail Customer Experience - 2020/02/18 - More details

Retailers are always trying to find new ways to distribute their products to customers. Investing in technologies is the main leverage they found to reach this goal and automated supply distribution is seen has a profitable way to do it. Companies to be successfful need to keep in mind to follow customer trends, protect valuable products and rationalizing operations.

My Total retail - 2020/03/02 - More details

Klarna, the leading worldwide company that implements a system to allow customers to pay at reception their products has doubled its customers in UK. This payment method has already been adopted by  more than 5000 online retailers. Despite this growing success, some studies show that customers are raising some serious doubts about the merit of this solution. 

Fashion Network - 2020/02/28  - More details

Hermès, Miliboo, and S-Market (Finnish supermarket chain) all have something in common. They all started to sell products they used to discard before: products made out of scrap fabric, refurbished furnitures, close to-the-date food, etc. The famous coat brand North Face even went one step further and starts to train its designers to make stronger clothes. 

Le Hub La Poste - 2020/03/05  - More details

While the retail industry is struggling worldwide with dropping sales with the Coronavirus. Hong Kong is particularly hit after months of riots within the city. 

Business of Fashion - 2020/03/02 - More details

Hotest news in the sector

Zalando who registered a 20% growth in revenues up to 6.5 billion dollars last year has announced its ambition to address both luxury and second-hand market. Indeed, not only will the platform sell more premium brands but will also offer a selection of preowned clothes. Customers will also have the possibility to sell their own clothes on the Berlin-based website. 

Financial Times - 2020/02/27 - More details

The Famous British brand, Burberry, just launched its new augmented reality toy with the help of Google.  This allows the customers to discover their products in a new way. 

Fashion Network - 2020/02/05 - More details

A recent study demonstrated that in order to meet new consumer habits, brands renew more frequently their collections than they used to. Concretely, most of the brands still have two main collections per year (summer and winter), yet instead of releasing all collection items at once they do it sequentially: 71% of the brands deliver their collection articles in 4 to 10 waves! This tendency launched by fast fashion brands such as Zara or H&M is now spreading across the entire textile industry. 

Les Echos - 2020/02/19 - More details

Meanwhile in France

Thanks to the partership with the startup In The Memory and the good use of the data, Intermarché is trying to transform the way category management is working. First step was data cleansing and the built of a strong product referencial gathering more accurate product information, work on EAN to gain consistency between product offers of a same brand... Intermarché is now able to compare sales, to better analyze product success and to rationalize product offert.

LSA conso - 2020/02/27 - More details

Two years after the launch of its transformation program "Carrefour 2022", Alexandre Bompard, CEO, reviews the first results as the firm announced higher profits. Part of what has been implemented: restructuring process for hypermarkets, increased market shares in Brazil and a growing focus on transition alimentary and taking care of the agriculture sector.

Les Echos - 2020/02/27 - More details

At the end of the month, French retailer Fnac-Darty will starting commercializing "Ami", an 100%-electric car on their websites. The 6000€ car will be delivered by Citroën from July 2020 directly to the homes of customers ; in addition, a renting service will also be proposed from 20€/month. The car was designed for an urban purpose only as its speed does not exceed 45 km/h and its autonomy is limited to 70 kilometers. 

Electrive - 2020/02/28 - More details


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