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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos, Albane Rouaix - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Top News

As the sales of products of the French group LVMH has been decreasing due to the Coronavirus, the CEO, Bernard Arnault took a huge decision to help the French government. They decided to change their product lines to produce desinfectants. Those will be distribute for free to hospitals.

CNBC - 2020/03/15 - More details

Notable trends in the sector

One year ago, Instagram was launching its purchasing tool with 26 brands. After 12 months, and the opening of this sale ability to more retail brands, the result is encouraging. Their strategy to open this features slowly has been successful. Instagram shopping strategy is analyzed very carefully by the team to increase conversions and offer the best service to both customers and the brands and to keep the control on customer information.

Glossy - 2020/02/26 - More details

Who will be the big winner of this covid-19 situation? What the retail world will look like after this period? Amazon and the virtual market might be the one since most physical stores are closing down and could not survive this crisis if this last too long. The giant just announced that he will hire 100 000 people to reach the growing demand.

MarketingLand - 2020/03/19 - More details

Latest global announcements

Amazon is introducing its “Go” concept to merchants interested in its “Just Walk Out” technology. The eCommerce giant is in talks with other retailers and has “several” signed deals with unnamed customers. For merchants that will use this new concept, the turnstiles will display the logo “Just Walk Out technology by Amazon,” but all other branding and store aspects will be controlled by the retailer using the service. As they enter the store, shoppers will only have to insert a credit card into a turnstile, rather than scan an app. For those who want to receive their invoice by email, they will only need to enter their email address into a kiosk at any store. Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, said Amazon saves the email address and ties that to the credit card information, solely for the purpose of charging the customer.

Reuters - 2020/03/09 - More details

In the wake of its annual results, Henkel has just revealed its growth plan, saying it envisages an optimization of its portfolio. As a result, Henkel wants to divest or discontinue part of its brands, mainly consumer brands, by 2021. New finance chief, Marco Swoboda, declined to comment on which brands might be sold or discontinued, but said there would be a focus on the beauty business, and Henkel would try to turn around those brands the company decided to hold on to.

Reuters - 2020/03/05 - More details

Eager to refocus on Europe, the Tesco Group is about to leave its remaining Asian operations (Thailand and Malaysia) for $10.3 billion in cash. More than half of this amount will be paid to shareholders. In England, although largely number one in the distribution, Tesco has been facing the attack of Aldi and Lidl for several years now.

BBC - 2020/03/09 - More details

Meanwhile in France

As Covid 19 - pandemic is spreading around the world, France shut down its restaurants and demanded its citizens to stay home: some might say it is the perfect opportunity for supermarkets to seduce new consumers, who are not used to go in stores anymore by proving them that customer experience has improved, as well as product tracability. As a matter of fact, all meals will now be taken at home so people will be forced to buy groceries.

L'Officiel des Réseaux - 2020/03/17 - More details

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