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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Emilie Ramon, Albane Rouaix, Léa Korenian - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury 

Latest global announcements

 Zalando is launching a new BtoB service in France, called "Connected Retail". It will enable french retailers to speed up their digital transformation by easily selling on Zalando platform. They will be able to either connect their stock from warehouses and local stores, or take over order fulfillment

Fashion Network - 2021/04/01 - More details

Notable trends

Chanel just launched a new virtual service called Lip scanner. Over 400 references of Chanel lipsticks are available in this in-house developed digital tool which offer customers to find and try the perfect lipstick that match the specific tone they would have found, for example, in a magazine, on social network or from a picture of a friend. 

Premium Beauty News - 2021/02/22 - More details

Nowadays, you better have to buy a Hermès bag if you want to be certain of your investment. Over 10 years, some handbags have seen their values increased by almost 110%, that is higher than gold or pieces of art. The only disadvantage? If you want your bag to gain in value, you can't use it and should leave it in its famous Orange Box. 

Forbes - 2021/03/04 - More details

When, in France..

La Ruche qui dit oui!, a well known platform allowing consumers to directly buy fresh products from producers is opening its first store near Paris. This is a step forward in the diversification strategy of the firm which has been offering home delivery for over 2 years.  A few stores already opened in Italy and more are to open in France in the next few months.
LSA Conso- 2021/03/08 - More details
While everything led to think that Amazon would be the main winner of the pandemic in terms of growth and sales last year, some brands of the Mulliez galaxy highly performed. Decathlon, Leroy Merlin or Boulanger took the chance to accelerate their digital transformation by offering to customers new services. Digitalized customer journey with a  0 - contact delivery even in collection points or stores transformed in local warehouses were the main achievements of the period.
Challenges - 2021/03/08 - More details


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