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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Anne-Claude Bédry, Israe Benslimane, Constance Henry, Emilie Ramon, Maxime Ramos - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury

Latest global announcements

Following the announcement of the divorce between Nike and Amazon, the American sportswear giant is about to remove its clothes and sneakers from Amazon, the world's leading e-commerce site. At Nike's initiative, this decision is part of a double strategy. The primary objective is to accelerate direct sales to consumers through its e-commerce sites, applications and flagship stores. The second objective is to combat counterfeiting. Indeed, the American Apparel & Footwear Association (Aafa) recently requested the inclusion of Amazon France and India on the "Notorious Market" list, a black list of illegal trade sites.

Business insider - 2019/11/13 - More details

Alipay, the most famous payment solution in China, is now available for international tourists who are able to dowload the app in order to pay for their purchases in China. Initially launched with Alibaba, Alipay is now used by most of the Chinese people to pay what they buy, at physical stores or on line or even to pay for administrative expenditures. In France, Franprix is already allowing Alipay as a payment method and certainly will be followed by other european stores that is the next driver of growth planned by the Chinese company. However one of the major brakes for the implementation of this solution in Europe is the technical equipment of the stores: payment terminals have to be able to read QR codes in order to authorize this payment solution.

Alizalia - 05/11/2019 - More details
Mobilepaymentstoday - 2019/11/14 - More details

After acquiring Whole Foods in 2017 and launching Amazon Go in 2018, Amazon confirmed that it would open a new chain of grocery stores. The first store will open in California in 2020. So far, the name and concept have not been revealed, nevertheless, experts say this new chain will be very basic and will aim to compete with Walmart's domination of the market. 

TechCrunch - 2019/11/12 - More details

The International Marketplace Network (IMN), a Europe-wide e-commerce platform, is now available. Initiated by Cdiscount, this platform also includes in Germany, ePrice in Italy and eMag in Romania, providing a network of some 30,000 active resellers. The objective of this network is to promote effective cross-border e-commerce, and to organize a large-scale competitive response to players like Amazon.

Business review - 2019/11/07 - More details 

Notable trends in the sector

The eleventh edition of the famous Single's Day - the Chinese equivalent for Black Friday - once again burst all records reaching 35 billion dollars of sales in 24 hours. The event keeps growing at a remarkable pace of 26% compared to 2018, although this rate is a little lower than the previous years. This may be explained by the slackening of China's economy.

Reuters - 2019/11/12 - More details

Second-hand market is blossoming for clothing and beauty sectors: it is a new way of consumption particularly supported by Millenials and Gen Z. A BCG study plans it will grow a yearly 12%, overtaking the luxury market by 2022. Several reasons may be found in the search for a more ethical consumption or a consideration for the environment, or even the willing to save money. 

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence - 2019/11/05 - More details

In the meantime of the thundering announcement of Nike leaving Amazon platform, the sport leader strengthens its brick-and-mortar network by opening two new stores in the same vein as its NYC flagship. These Nike Live Stores prones the use of its App Nike Plus and features many digital functionalities such as real-time availability of the products, live chat with salespersons, special events, gifts to be withdrawed thanks to the App and many more... Indeed, since the openings of NYC store and its equivalent in Shanghai, Nike revealed that conversion rate in those stores was 6 times higher and that Members of Nike Plus loyalty program spend 30% more. 

Digital Commerce 360 - 2019/11/01 - More details

Meanwhile in France...

LVMH - French world leader of the Luxury industry - is currently considering purchasing the Americain jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. After a first offer of 14.5 billion dollars last month - that the famous 5th avenue jewelry maker declined - LVMH is about to try a new assault. But the negotiations promise not to be easy considering that after the first offer, Tiffany's stock value raised almost 32% in one day.

The Motley Fool - 2019/11/12 - More details

In the center of Paris, right next to the "Grands Magasins", French underwear brand Etam inaugurated a new flagship at the beginning of the month. On three levels, the brand offers its customers a valuable customer experience including connected fitting rooms, mobile POS or customization of their underwear. This opening brings out the renewed dynamism of the group since the arrival of its new CEO in 2018. 

Etam News - 2019/11/12 - More details


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