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Carrefour and Google have joined forces to develop the first voice-ordered shopping service, a first in the food retail sector. It is now possible for all Google Assistant users to do their shopping with just their voice and say "Ok I want to make my shopping list". As a result, Google Assistant offers a personalised reference basket based on the purchase history and preferences but also on data collected by Google Assistant. You then have to choose your shipping slot, delivery method and pay. The consumer can share his shopping list with other people in his family or ask Google Assistant to rely solely on his voice. This gives Carrefour and Google a real competitive advantage. Indeed, neither Amazon Alexa assistance nor Carrefour's competitors have designed a similar solution.

L'usine digitale - 2020/07/16 - More details


From 1st October, Clarins launches a new subscription box service: Clarins Unlimited. There are different boxes, depending on the size and type of product inside, ranging from 20 euros to 79 euros: travel size or full size, make-up product or not etc.
Customers can choose the products they want in their box but they can also order a "surprise" box.
This new service is part of Clarins' global strategy to develop many services in the digital era which has been booming since COVID19, such as the virtual consultation service, Clarins & Me.

FR24 News - 2020/08/16 - More details

Latest global announcements

In order to help retail company to stimulate their sales, Google is offering some of their services. From now, most of the item in the "Shopping" tab results will be showed for free. This will alows retailers to increase their sales, with no extra cost in this tough time. Google will also launch the local service advertisements. The company is aiming to answer the new demands, customers developed during this pandemic.

EcommerceMag - 2020/09/30 - More details


Ikea is opening up to 40 stores in big cities : although the retailer is known for its huge malls, smaller concepts are part of its strategy, that has been deployed for several years in order to become more accessible. These openings are a big announcement in a very uncertained period due to pandemic and with a big decrease in physical sales.

Business Insider - 2020/10/08 - More details

Notable trends

Since September 29th, customers of Amazone Go in Seattle have been able to use the contactless payment service only by hand. This is a biometric palmprint reader that identifies the customer by a handprint. Using a kiosk, the customer swipes their credit card and places their hand for fingerprinting. After installing it in its shops, Amazone has also expressed the desire to commercialise this technology to other distributors. However, the diffusion of this technology will of course be subject to the legislation of each country concerning biometrics.

LSA Connecté - 2020/10/02 - More details


How physical retail will be impacted by the pandemic? Within the past few months, retailer were forced to adapt and develop new interactions with customers, with one objective: to make them feel safe while shopping. The increase in contactless payment is one of the examples the retail industry had to face.

LS Retail - 2020/09/01 - More details


These pas years, automation has deeply transform the retail industry offering more and more new services to customers and helping them to chose the exact product that matches their needs. However only 40% of retailers considering this issue as a strategic essential. 

Decideo - 2020/10/02 - More details


Robots have a real future in the retail industy. THeir aim will be to capture more and more data concerning both the products and the customer buying habits. This will enable the retailer to increase effectiveness and precision in inventory management. This livel of details in data gathering is very precisous for the industry in order to understand and anticate the orders and needs of their customers.

Harvard Business Review - 2020/10/01 - More details


In this uncertain period, retailers are on the line. Most of them have seen their sales decreasing, reaching a critical level. In this note, you’ll see why the reason why bankruptcies in the retail industry will reach their peak not in 2020 as we will may think but in 2021.

Forbes - 2020/10/07 - More details


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