October 2021

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The Press Review Team:  Albane Rouaix and Léa Korenian - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury 

Top News

The Swedish group is partnering with Lablaco, a specialist in circular fashion, to combine blockchain with another emerging trend in fashion: rental. H&M is offering a collection dedicated to rentals in its Berlin flagship: thanks to the SPIN blockchain technology, consumers will have access to twelve pieces, which they can rent in one click for a period ranging from 5 days to 3 weeks. Each room will have a label giving access to its own history, stored via a dedicated blockchain. Renters will be able to find the path of the piece from one user to another, and even contribute to the information chain by uploading the looks obtained with these pieces.

Fashion Network - 2021/10/20 - More details

Three years after its creation, the company Swile is becoming a new French licorn. Known for its entry in the lunch voucher market, and for becoming the direct competitor of the leader Edenred, Swile hopes to conquer new markets especially in South America, and diversify its offer Indeed, En effet, Swile's dream is to become the unique application used by employes to manage their daily life.

Les Echos - 2021/10/11 - More details

Latest global announcements

Sales of the french company Aigle have risen of 46% since January 2021. This sudden increase can be explained by the Covid-19 pandemic which drove people out of urban areas. The company has now decided to relocate a major part of the boots production in France. This ambition is a way to reduce carbon emission for the company but this is not that easy since Aiglehave trouble recruiting people willing to work in its factory in Châtellerault. 

Le Monde - 2021/10/12 - More details

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated worldwide issues on companies' supply chain systems. New technologies have always been a way to improve production, supply and distribution. In this article you will discover how the IoT (Internet of things) can reduce the impact of the pandemic on the food industry.

LSA Conso - 2021/11/02 - More details

The company Uber is trying to expand its services by offering to his customers beauty products. The new offer will be developped with brand partnership and via a loyalty program.

Vogue Business - 2021/09/20 - More Details

Notable Trends

Reset, a new online platform dedicated to responsible and ethical fashion was launched in early 2021. The platform quickly passed the 50-brand mark in July, and now offers a selection of more than 67 ethical and eco-responsible brands, as well as a magazine gathering various tips and surveys about sustainable fashion. The online store calls itself the "Asos of sustainable, ethical and responsible consumption". In the long term, the platform, which has a community of 24,000 people on the social network Instagram, hopes to bring together 150 ethical and responsible brands, and is aiming for a turnover of one million euros by 2022, thanks in particular to an upcoming fundraising. It will also test its concept in physical retail through the opening of ephemeral stores.National Retail
Fashion Network - 2021/11/02 - More details
With the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain has been damaged and a lot of companies are struggling to keep it afloat for the Holiday season. In this article you will find 5 companies that offers solutions to improve and face this hard time.
National Retail Federation - 2021/11/01 - More details


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