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Latest global announcements

Drone deliveries will soon become a reality. Indeed, while several retail giants such as Walmart have embarked on test phases, Amazon obtained on Monday, August 31, 2020, the approval of the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency to begin delivery by electric drone, which would allow them to deliver their customers to their homes in just 30 minutes.

LSA Commercie Connecté - 2020/09/01 - More details

Facebook and the world leader in optics, EssilorLuxottica, have entered into a partnership to create the first Rayban connected eyewear. The idea is to bring relevant data to the user according to the context in which they find themselves: finding their keys, discovering a new city, recording a moment. It's a first step towards augmented reality glasses!

Fashion Network 2020/09/17 - More details

Fashion and luxury brands have taken advantage of COVID. Indeed, with the virus continuing to circulate, masks and visors have become true fashion accessories! This month Louis Vuitton launched its luxury protective visor, which will be launched in October for 800 euros. In the same approach, the English luxury house Burberry launched reusable masks with their iconic check pattern

Capital 2020/09/13 - More details

Notable trends

Giving a second life to products thanks to recycling is becoming an increasingly important concern for companies, especially in the cosmetics industry. In addition to earning a coupon for bringing back their perfume bottles, Sephora customers can now bring their cosmetic packaging to collection points so that it can be recycled and reused for energy.

LSA Green 2020/09/07/09 - More details

Faster and faster delivery has become a key point for customer satisfaction and customer experience, especially for cosmetic retailers.At the beginning of September, Marionnaud launched the green evening delivery in Ile de France. These deliveries will be made by electric vehicles and are free of charge for deliveries over 60 euros. The brand's objective is to launch this project throughout France in the coming months.

LSA Commerce Connecté 2020/09/03 - More details

In response to increasing customer environmental awareness and the development of the circular economy, IKEA opened its first second-hand shop this month. Ikea will be collecting old furniture to repair, refurbish and put it back on sale. The initiative is part of the Swedish furniture brand's overall plan to reduce its overall climate footprint by an average of 70% per product by 2030. Ikea had already started sustainable initiatives several years ago with the possibility for customers to bring back products to be repaired or sold to charities. In 2019, Ikea launched a project on furniture rentals.

Les Echos 2020/09/04 - More details

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