West Monroe Partners surveyed utility executives, customers, and regulators. Here’s what they had to say.

Utilities are beginning to accommodate renewable energies, but many wonder if it is enough to keep up with consumer 
demand and prepare for new regulations.

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Utility executives report solar has the biggest impact on their operations while regulators report a wider range of DERs having an impact.

Utilities Executives                                                                                         Regulators


Perspectives on which DERs are having the most impact on utility operations differ between regulators and utility executives, resulting 
in mismatch between utility operations and how regulations may be implemented.

    Utilities Executives     




“Integrating DERs, while maintaining safe, reliable, and affordable energy for all customers is a huge undertaking. Meanwhile, third-party players on the periphery are coming up with solutions that customers are asking for—if utilities don’t quicken their pace, opportunities will be lost.”

Sam UyenoSenior Manager, West Monroe Partners

             Since 2015, the DERs opportunity has increased—but that comes with heightened challenges


Authors : West Monroe Partners

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