Companies have built recovery plans as the Covid-19 aftermaths has complexified their environments and has significantly reduced the visibility they had on their activities, most of which are now driven remotely. Monitoring remotely the recovery plan and adapting quickly in this intricate situation is a challenge for every company. Therefore, having the right tool to manage the recovery plan is vital.


BearingPoint developed a Digital Framework with a quick loop decision making process to help you drive your recovery planning.
Based on its expertise both  in recovery plan monitoring and in managing projects in complex environments - the EPC sector, the automotive sector, the railway sector and for large project management - BearingPoint has designed a ready-to-use digital framework to help you thrive in recovery monitoring. 

  • Take advantage from a ready-for-use and easily adaptable digital framework to support your Business Recovery activities
  • Benefit from BearingPoint’s experience in Business Recovery to prioritize key topics and focus on the essentials : Which most relevant KPIs to follow? Which key milestones to keep in mind? etc.
  • Enable commitment of all relevant stakeholders thanks to a robust and efficient management ritual

Our convictions on the key topics to be addressed during Business Recovery

1. General Information

Align your stakeholders on main topics

  • Define and keep visibility on your priorities: Employee Safety, Cash Recovery, Client Communication, etc.
  • Share most relevant and up-to-date information between main stakeholders

2. Key milestones

Monitor your main company short & long-term milestones for each department

  • Communication: Employee information letters, external communication…
  • Finance: Budget reforecast, Investments prioritization…
  • Operations: Suppliers’ risk assessment, Stock sizing …

3. Short term Planning

Define and follow-up the short-term planning to effectively secure your milestones

  • How to secure our next Budget reforecast within 2 months?
  • Which activities need to be performed to successfully review our plant layout?

4. Risks and Action Plan

Identify, assess and control your main risks

  • Risks are identified by stakeholders, analyzed given their impact and probability 
  • Focus on the most critical risks with a dedicated action plan

5. KPIs

Follow just the essential KPIs to analyze your business performance

  • Monthly revenue
  • OTIF (On-Time in full)
  • Supplier Performance
  • Employee Availability %
  • Crisis Management Efficiency Rate, …

How to implement the digital framework for business recovery plan?

Given the context, our expert teams can work with your team remotely to adapt the framework to your business specificities.
The first phase is the set-up of the framework based on your business needs within the first weeks. In the second phase, our team will coach yours to run meetings using the adapted framework and to make it sustainable.


Fathi Trigui, Director
Sami Belkadi, Senior Consulltant
Cécile Grangé Senior Consulltant


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