COVID 19 has been a stress-test for commercial operations of pharmaceutical companies which are more used to long-term change in a stable environment.

The COVID 19 crisis provides an interesting stress-test for the organization of pharmaceutical companies which deployed “work from home” frameworks at an unprecedented scale to ensure business continuity, with the strong requirements to quickly adapt and accelerate the design and execution of appropriate actions of their commercial operations.

Within this context, the adaptation of operations enabling customer-centricity has become critical to generate value during these unprecedented times: leverage on multi-channel strategy, acceleration of services, development of home delivery… Such a quick adaptation of operations would have required a powerful insights engine in a more classical context to maximize fit with customers. Within an unstable environment, insights capabilities are stretched to ensure continuity consistency, and performance of operations. This crisis reveals that strong insights management capabilities are a strategic source of competitive advantage to support customers understanding and operations performance. Indeed, in the long run, insights management capabilities will be considered as a strategic asset.

"What increasingly separates the winners from the losers is the ability to transform data into insights [...] and to turn those insights into strategy."[1]

What is an insights management capability? What are the best practices and key challenges?

Insights are analyzed data and information related to a given context or subject, potentially sourced from different channels. Different types of insights: patient insights, customer insights, clinical insights… Insights bring fruitful information which lead to decision and actions supporting the brand strategy and success.

The insights management capabilities could be defined as the ability of an organization to collect, analyze, distribute, and capitalize valuable insights to serve organization from strategy to execution. As detailed below, building successful insights management capabilities requires a multi-channel & collaborative approach (1) with clearly defined roles & responsibilities including appropriate skillset (2), established processes supported by fit-to-purpose tools (3) and a common and standardized understanding (4).

Regarding pharmaceutical company specificities, some key challenges must be considered to build a successful insights management operating model and leverage insights culture in your organization:

Key activities

  • How to organize unstructured and various sources of data and develop real-time data analysis consider it in daily operations?
  • How to turn data into insights with collection, analysis, and dissemination throughout the entire organization?
  • How to implement planning capabilities able to support short, mid, and long-term strategies?
  • How to apprehend unfamiliar markets and develop experimentations to ensure test & learn iterations?

Organization & Governance

  • How to design an effective governance to ensure coordination of all functions including marketing, medical, sales, digital, compliance, market access, etc…?
  • How to smartly articulate insights management capabilities between global and local organizations?

Process & Tools

  • How to develop and implement agile processes & collaborative tools?
  • Which frameworks to structure you of the environment?
  • How to explore beyond the explicit from macro- to micro- dimensions?


  • How to develop and ensure the required skills for the teams?

How to build/leverage successful "Insights management capabilities" within your organization or your function?

Our Discovery booster approach is a starting point to leverage the next generation of insights management capabilities, to shape the transformation journey. The Discovery booster helps organization to:

  • ASSESS the current Insights Management Maturity Model & identify levers to activate
  • BUILD a common framework to master ecosystem with the Discovery booster tool
  • START the transformation journey


The Insights management maturity model allows to measure your current practices and performance regarding insight management within your organization, to identify and prioritize key areas of improvement. 6 dimensions cover all aspects of Insights Management: Culture, Key Activities, Organization & Governance, Performance, Process Tools and Skills.


Supported by the insight identification & collection in different areas, the Discovery booster tool provides a framework to

  • Master your environment with a holistic view
  • Maximize efficient collaboration of local & global teams
  • Animate and align cross functional teams to collaborate more efficiently

Align current practices with best practices to design a winning strategic and operational plan.

The Discovery booster tool is composed by 4 dimensions: Macro overview & key trends, Industries & markets, Business models & Customers journey and Individual profiles & practices.


Start the transformation journey with the sharing of the outcome of the insights management maturity study, introduce the “Strategic Discovery Tool” and explore new ways of generating insights (social listening, real world evidence…) with your teams locally and globally.

Elaborate winning insights management capability is a mandatory starting point to engage strong transformation and generate outperformance in commercial operation of pharmaceutical compagnies & business growth.


  1. Aymeric Colleville, Senior Consultant, Life Sciences
  2. Louis Santos, Manager, Life Sciences

with the collaboration of Corinne De Villeneuve, Associate director, Life Sciences.

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