Cendris, information and communication services provider and part of Dutch mail operator PostNL

Défis du client

Cendris is part of the Data and Document Management (DDM) division of the incumbent mail operator in the Netherlands PostNL. Responsibilities include electronic billing, statements and other communication.

Its business model relied on selling individual and business data that fed into the Dutch telephone directory. But a reduction in direct marketing volume, demand for more sophisticated segmentation and declining data quality meant that this once fast-growing business had started to lose money.

BearingPoint was engaged to develop and implement an innovative strategy that would give Cendris a new vision for the future.

Contribution de BearingPoint

The BearingPoint project team worked with management to develop a plan that would:

  • Shift focus from outbound marketing to customer service
  • Build an innovative collaborative (syndicate) platform to replace the NCB
  • Develop data quality consultancy services

To this end, BearingPoint conducted a gap analysis on Cendris capabilities and developed a turnaround strategy based on a closed loop Data Quality Management (DQM) proposition with high quality reference data as a baseline.

The team designed the new syndicate organization, platform principles, privacy guarantees, tools and processes. The team also delivered training to Cendris data experts to use their data management skills to benefit clients.

Les facteurs clés de succès

Insight from Cendris’ customers about their requirements and expectations from a data provider.

Résultats du client

The creation of a data “vault” with a number of uses, price points and levels of service provides Cendris with a new platform for growth.

It has helped Cendris transform its business from a product-oriented to a customer-oriented company.

As a result, Cendris is no longer losing money and feedback from customers is that the business has become a more modern and value-adding partner.

  • New business model gives Dutch data provider Cendris a reboot 3.3 MB Download

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