Over the past few years, becoming “data-driven” has emerged as a popular objective for organizations across industries. Put simply, being data-driven involves leveraging current operational and customer data as well as external data sources for both tactical and strategic decision-making, operational efficiency, product, services and business model innovation.

Most, if not all CEOs, have acknowledged the power of data-driven transformation and have engaged in heavy investments in IT services, hardware and other data transformation initiatives. However, few companies have a significant return on such investment and can identify themselves as a truly data-driven organization.  

If most organizations have long realized the need to get onboard with data, they have failed to acknowledge the fact that people are the cornerstone in developing a data-driven business.

Companies’ leadership should now focus on people and cultural change to support initiatives and investments in data infrastructure.

This article highlights the majors impediments and provides with easy-to-implement change management actions to secure the Data Transformation.

  • Exploring the human side of data transformation
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