April 2022

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The Press Review Team:  Flore Gradassi, Léa Korenian, Suzanne Verdier, Camille Chevreau - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury 

Hottest news in the sector

Despite the fact that the chocolate market is shaken by the health scandal at Ferrero, leader of the sales at Easter, but also by the war in Ukraine which weakens the purchasing power, the industry stays confident. 7.3 kilos: this is the average amount of chocolate consumed each year by one French person. France is in sixth place in the world ranking of the largest consumers of cocoa-based products behind Germany (11.1 kilos). The attraction for chocolate is very European: for example, Japanese people only consume 1.2 kilos. Moreover, French people consume more dark chocolate than their neighbors (30% of total consumption against 5% on average in Europe). The amount of sales by the chocolate industry in France in supermarkets in 2020 is about 3.3 billion euros, representing a volume of over 350,000 tons. This success has enabled the creation of an ecosystem of SMEs.

Les Echos - 2022/04/16 - More details

Nike recently unveiled its new collection of sneakers: the "CryptoKicks". These digital sneakers were made in collaboration with RTFKT, a digital fashion studio bought by Nike in December 2021. Each pair of this collection is associated with an NFT, which is a certified digital token traceable on the blockchain. The items are produced in limited quantities in order to create excitement among future buyers. Therefore some "CryptoKicks" are already being traded on the secondary market for an average price of 8,500 dollars. With the "CryptoKicks", the world's number 1 clothing company intends to continue its efforts to interact with its customers, whether it be in the real world, or not.

20 Minutes - 2022/04/25 - More details

Notable Trends

The Italian brand Marni is inaugurating a new immersive experience called WearWeare where it is possible to walk through Marni's 3.0 world and purchase looks from the latest collection. This is an experiment conducted in collaboration with the digital design studio Future Corp. This initiative echoes the center of excellence dedicated to the metaverse launched by Marni's parent group, OTB Group. At the end of 2021, the entity - which also includes the brands Maison Margiela or Jil Sander - had indeed announced the creation of "Brave Virtual Xperience" (BVX) to enable its houses to enter the world of NFTs, gaming or virtual immersive experiences.

Journal du luxe - 2022/04/19 - More detail

The A.P.C. brand stands out for its strategic choices as it is going to convert one of its Parisian stores in one of the capital's hippest districts into a space dedicated to its vintage offer.A.P.C. customers will be able to drop off their vintage pieces and accessories from the Parisian brand in all of its boutiques in France. In exchange, they will receive a credit note to be used on all collections, new or second hand.

Fashion Network  - 2022/04/13 - More details

As traditional retailers are trying their best to enter the Metaverse, Meta itself will open its first physical Meta Store on the 9th of May in California, near their Reality Labs headquarters. Although this can seem a bit paradoxical, this store is presented as a way for Meta to promote its hardware metaverse-related products such as Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, its first generation smart glasses, or its gaming platform Quest 2. On its blog, Meta has stated that the goal was for customers to "interact with everything, pick stuff up and feel it" and to demystify the Metaverse concept along the way. The promoted products will also obviously be available on the new Shop tab on the Meta website. 

Retail Dive - 2022/04/26 - More details

Meanwhile in France

The Galeries Lafayette group has been hit hard by the worldwide halth crisis and the tourism drop in Paris, hence the decision to reinvent the concept and turn a part of the Boulevard Hausmann venue into a high-end wellness area. A 3000 sqm area will be half devoted to the sale of beauty and well-being products and the other half devoted to services (massage, manicure-pedicure, alternative medicine, sports lessons, à la carte or by subscription). Alexandre Liot, the general manager of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, stated that "more than even, physical stores have a place in the service of their customers, as long as they manage to adapt to their expectations and offer an essential supplement of soul to the experience they are given“.

Cnews - 2022/04/13 - More details

For the first time, after several years of growth, the French market of organic products is declining:  In 2021, we observe an overall decline of 4% according to Kantar.
French people are still committed to buy better quality food but prefer cheaper alternatives, especially in a context of inflation weakening purchasing power.  The prices of organic products are indeed on average 40 to 50% higher than those of conventional products. However, specialized stores remain confident. Firstly, the upcoming shortages of fertilizers linked to the war in Ukraine should play in favor of organic products: inflation will be lower because organic products use less chemical inputs. Secondly, the competition for those specialized stores will be less severe in the future: classic hypermarkets and supermarkets should reduce their organic products references to reinforce their own brands with conventional prices as anti-inflation tool.

Les Echos - 2022/04/20 - More details

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