BearingPoint Capital supports CTS EVENTIM's successful strategic acquisition of Vivendi's ticketing business units by providing Technology Due Diligence.

Project overview

BearingPoint Capital recently advised CTS EVENTIM, a global leader in ticketing and entertainment with a revenue of around 2.6 bn€, in one of their acquisitions: the purchase of Vivendi's See Ticket and Festival Activities units. This acquisition aims to strengthen EVENTIM’s position in the global ticketing and live entertainment market.

Value delivered by BearingPoint Capital

BearingPoint Capital’s team conducted a comprehensive technology due diligence to identify technical risks and opportunities within the acquired entities. The tech due diligence report provided EVENTIM with critical insights into the different technology platforms across all regions and the associated migration plans. Our evaluation included:

  • Detailed assessments of IT strategy, infrastructure, and security.
  • Analysis of integration feasibility and challenges of integrating See Ticket and Festival Activities into the EVENTIM landscape.
  • Recommendations for mitigating identified risks.
  • These insights were instrumental for EVENTIM in making informed investment decisions and strategically planning the integration of the new units.

Transaction Highlights

CTS EVENTIM, a leading international ticketing and live entertainment provider, has agreed to acquire See Ticket and Festival Activities from Vivendi. The transaction will conclude after consultations with employee representatives. Hala Bavière, CEO of Vivendi Village, and Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS EVENTIM, both emphasized the strategic benefits and growth potential of the acquisition.

The acquired business units generated €137 million in revenue in 2023, with €105 million from ticketing and €32 million from festival activities. See Tickets is the second-largest ticketing company in the UK and operates in seven other European countries and the USA, selling approximately 44 million tickets worldwide in 2023.

BearingPoint Capital is proud to have played a key role in this significant transaction and look forward to continued collaboration with CTS EVENTIM.

Congratulations to the BearingPoint Capital team, led by Christoph Schiefer, Alexander Schonefeld, Dimitri Lesy, Zhivko Nachev, Rebecca Lueg-Tiedemann, Miriam Hojer, and Karl von Heimburg for their outstanding work in delivering valuable insights and facilitating this complex acquisition.

Further information can be found in the official press release.

Contacts :
Christoph Schiefer
Alexander Schonefeld

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