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iRobot partnered with BearingPoint to implement a source-to-contract vendor selection process that ensures the best solution for future enterprise success. The company is now empowered to think beyond today, gaining comprehensive insights to drive the business decision processes moving forward.

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BearingPoint US - Terence White Testimonial

I would describe BearingPoint’s work quality and the clarity of their recommendation as superb and beyond reproach. What stood out most was BearingPoint’s systematic due diligence process, which eliminated all subjective factors, and focused on the objective criteria to drive project success.

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Terence White, Director of Indirect Sourcing, Corporate Services at iRobot

BearingPoint involved a cross-functional team of experts from the beginning of the project, who could truly understand the organization's needs and envision „what success looks like” for iRobot. This enabled the client to go beyond the current functional needs, and reengineer processes with clear success factors and ROI in view.

Through a systematic due diligence process, BearingPoint helped iRobot identify the right business spend management solutions and the tools required for the broader enterprise. BearingPoint's recommendations  included all essential metrics to drive iRobot’s decision making process, providing its stakeholders with the business case that helped them move forward with confidence.

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