Our ways of working are going through a rapid period of change.  Organisations recognise the need to be agile and responsive to change. However, traditional workplace development programmes have failed to keep pace. 

The skills and competencies required within the modern workplace are different and will continue to evolve. Organisations must focus on supporting the development of the skills and competencies that they will require in the future. 

Meeting these challenges require organisations to:

  1. Revise competency models to meet the needs of the modern workplace.
  2. Define a clear roadmap for learning and competency development.
  3. Promote the development and sharing of knowledge.
  4. Create safe spaces to learn through experimentation and reflection.
  5. Become learning organisations.

With the global war for talent and increasing levels of workplace mobility, it has never been more important to put the structures in place to support continuous professional development and learning.  These structures must consider how adults learn, and the tools available to promote knowledge sharing.

We invite you to explore the second publication in our series. This series focuses on new opportunities for public services organisations to redefine and evolve the relationships and engagement mechanisms with its workforce. This series of publications provides senior leaders with practical recommendations for making the transition towards new sustainable work organisation models, optimising both overall organisational performance and the productivity, well-being and overall experience for its workforce.

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