We empower book publishers with a transformative edge to better manage author rights and efficiently calculate their royalties.

As authors are the most valued asset of publishing houses (€500 million in royalty rights are paid in France annually, with approximately 10% of a book’s price going to the writer), book publishers need to remunerate their authors as fairly and promptly as possible to maintain a decisive advantage over the competition in terms of attractiveness and retention.

Within the context of heightened author expectations and demands toward book publishers, we support major publishing groups in Europe in their projects to modernize their processes, organization, and royalty rights information systems, enabling them to achieve the following gains:

  • Homogenization and standardization of business processes
  • Overhaul of royalty rights management organizations
  • Increased efficiency and reduced royalty rights calculation errors
  • Enhanced and more transparent information feedback to authors
  • Optimized financial and accounting reporting

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