Visual analytics enables decision-makers in the gaming industry to extract relevant insights for making decisions quickly and conveniently.

Visual analytics, the next level of business intelligence, combines the strengths of computational processing power with human intuition by enabling users to extract relevant insights for decision-making quickly and conveniently. Unstructured data that is hard or impossible to read is brought into an accessible form by interactive dashboards with adaptable granularities tailored for the user.

The C-suite and subject-matter experts with any data literacy level can get insights from a one-stop-shop data platform. BearingPoint offers service along the entire data value chain, from reporting strategy over tool selection to organizational education (coaching and change management) based on an E2E delivery model for dashboard implementations.


Businesses in the software and gaming industry are facing a similar issue: How can existing overarching business processes be accelerated and optimized? A plethora of data potentially offers valuable insights for decisions, organization, and the steering of the business. But how can it be tapped?

BearingPoint’s visual analytics answers the main questions:

  • What added value can an organization achieve with modern business intelligence (BI) solutions?
  • What pragmatic approaches can be used to add value and accelerate essential decision-making processes and business processes?
  • How can reporting quality, speed, and efficiency be increased?

And also specific questions such as:

  • How many users have installed my app?
  • How long do they usually play the game, and how much do they spend on freemium content?
  • How much revenue does my game or app generate, and what is the split?
  • How can I correlate the financial revenue data with the data about app usage?
  • How can the data gathered from multiple platforms be merged?
  • How can I set up a pipeline to get a real-time data stream?


Plenty of data is available in the gaming industry since this is the core of each game. With the rise of online gaming and apps, the possibilities to run analytics on available (unstructured) data are vast. The data can be analyzed in multiple ways.

Descriptive analytics with the help of visual analytics

Descriptive analytics delivers a quantitative analysis on intel, such as daily average users, churn analysis, average revenue per daily active user, and customer lifetime value, and gives your stakeholders insights into your users’ behavior and revenue streams. Visual Analytics helps to enable different departments, such as marketing or customer experience, by providing easy access to available data. It can act as a self-service tool to let the stakeholders calculate the key performance indicators they need with the ease of a few clicks.

Explorative analytics

Another way of analyzing data is to discover relations between data that are, unlike descriptive analytics, not easily visible by looking at bare numbers such as averages or other KPIs. This is where visualizations play an important role. Visually depicting revenue streams lets you effortlessly and intuitively discover relations between data. For instance, it is possible to spot how many of the gamers create how much of the revenue with the comparison of two simple bar charts. Combining other data streams helps to get valuable insights into revenues, customer behavior, player types, and the business model in general. Since it is in the DNA of visual analytics to generate visualizations, it is the perfect tool to enable those insights.


BearingPoint supports its gaming and software clients from BI tool selection through building entire reporting universes to coaching and teaching concepts to developing employees into visual data analysts.

  • Data reporting strategy
  • Tool selection of market-leading software such as Qlik Sense, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Scalable dashboard implementation and POC development
  • Improvement and optimization of existing dashboards
  • Training on the job offerings
  • User roadshows

Visual analytics is a powerful way to communicate new and complex information. When done right, it can deliver your message with both bulletproof data weight and the emotional impact of good design.

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