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Humanizing Healthcare is a new and refreshing approach to understanding healthcare: it improves outcomes  at less cost and is people-focused.

As the coronavirus pandemic showed, public healthcare systems must change how they operate. Understanding patients is the first step, which enables the design of a more integrated and preventive system that successfully alters the nature and consumption curve for care and reduces costs across the system. The next step is using data more intelligently.

It is a radical yet elegant approach that requires innovative thinking to reduce patient demand. It also means responding to patient needs better, which requires proof of concepts to test new systems and processes with a small cohort of patients. Humanizing Healthcare offers a better way to overcome the principal performance challenges facing healthcare systems that have worsened following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also how to achieve intelligent care integration.

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  • Helping Save the Children Finland to support a brighter future for youngsters

    Save the Children Finland wanted to better adapt their volunteer capacity to the demands for counselling that they receive via their NetariChat service. With BearingPoint's help, the NGO can now use data-driven insights to streamline its services and offer on-time support for young people in Finland.

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  • Refonte de l’accueil téléphonique

    Définition et déploiement d’une nouvelle organisation de l’accueil téléphonique visant à améliorer les performances de l’accueil et augmenter la satisfaction des assurés.

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  • Assistance à l’élaboration du projet médical

    Elaboration d’un projet médical déclinable en plan d’action dans un contexte de fusion entre plusieurs établissements.

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  • Hôpital Numérique : Pilotage et mise en œuvre du programme

    Déclinaison des axes stratégiques du programme en plans d’action et définition de la méthodologie de pilotage et de gestion opérationnelle du programme.

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