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  • Webinar

Remanufacturing, warehouse flexibility, inventory management optimization, traceability, collection of valuable data for store management and customer experience improvement…
Experts and managers discussed use cases and benefits of the RFID technology. An academic perspective on RFID technology has been presented, followed by a return on experience about the industrialization of a global RFID deployment in a French Luxury House with a focus on challenges and lessons learnt.

To address this topic, Professor Olivier Badot, Scientific Director of the Chair and Full Professor at ESCP and Elisabeth Denner, President of the Chair and Associate at BearingPoint will gave the word to:

  • Professor Wei Zhou, ESCP
  • The RFID Program Director, French Luxury House
  • Estelle Huynh, VP Product & Luxury, Mojix
  • Marion RevolRetail Manager, Luxury & Customer Goods, BearingPoint

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