At the core of most public services organisations are large and complex business applications and platforms. Line of business systems  manage and enable the fulfilment and processing of front-line services to citizens and businesses. Back-office enterprise systems manage and control functions for financial, procurement, HR and payroll management, often using a shared services model. Modernisation of these applications requires a clear strategy and access to well developed capabilities for the selection, design, implementation, integration and management of multiple technologies. And a continuous focus on innovation and how new technology such as GenAI and best practices from other jurisdictions can be incorporated.    

BearingPoint’s capabilities include solutions and services to:

Examples of our work include:

  • Social welfare scheme administration and payments applications
  • Commercial property valuations systems
  • Financial services regulatory applications
  • Position, navigation and timing systems requirements for national space agency
  • Defence forces logistics and supply chain management systems
  • Financial management and budgeting applications
  • Health products regulatory platform
  • Driver licence application management system

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