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Supply chains have always been complex, requiring the integration of multiple processes, applications and technologies, but a fast-evolving competitive landscape has added new layers of complexity and introduced new challenges for people, processes and legacy technology. This is where digital transformation comes in. Organizations and value chains that can integrate real time data into their supply chain processes and applications will gain critical advantages

Digital transformation is rapidly becoming the very basis for competition: legacy supply chain solutions struggle to respond quickly enough to customer demands or market changes, because they were designed in the pre-digital era when the only focus was on efficiency. 

Today, where agility, scalability, responsiveness and transparency are key, new digital supply chain solutions must leverage state-of-the-art capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, social collaboration, digital connectivity and predictive analytics to enable a truly demand-driven end-to-end operating model completely focused on the customer.

BearingPoint, as one of the Microsoft Digital Supply Chain Partners, will be presenting a client case study on the transformation of Warehouse Management: (r)evolution and automation with digital process twins and real-time data (speaker: Patrick Kirchhof) on either March 6th or March 7th in the the Microsoft EBC in Brussels.

For information on the event, please contact BearingPoint support