During the past few months, Covid-19 has shown the importance of strict Working Capital Management. While in economically sound times often disregarded and ignored, the crisis has proven its significance for efficient liquidity management.

Now, the habits acquired recently must not be discarded but fostered and institutionalized in order to continue benefitting from the advantages of solid Working Capital Management and also to be prepared for the next crisis or a  further economic downturn.

To deeply integrate the Working Capital Management processes into the daily routine of the financial department, a largely automatized process needs to be established.

This webinar shows, which measures can be taken to streamline liquidity through Working Capital Management and what this process can look like from a technological perspective.


  • Christian Mnich (VP, Head of Solution Management, Treasury and Working Capital Management, SAP)
  • Alexander Odenthal (Director BearingPoint)
  • Svatopluk Alexander (Partner BearingPoint)

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