The survey results and analysis of core banking solutions presented in the white paper objectively evaluate selected core banking platforms and their suitability for different categories of banks.

The intention was to highlight relative strengths based on the defined criteria of banks during the core banking software selection process, such as functionality, technology, and acceptance. The overview of the established providers on the market is intended to support banks in their core banking transformation.

Many financial institutions face the challenges of outdated core banking platforms and struggle with limited agility, excessive resource consumption, and a lack of flexibility. For an in-depth understanding of these challenges, we recommend you read our white paper, Core banking platforms of the future.

By modernizing their core banking platforms, banks can free themselves from maintenance activities and focus on core competencies. In the long run, this strategic realignment is more cost-effective, operationally efficient, and less risky, and it better positions banks to navigate the fast-moving financial landscape.

While some core banking platform providers offer a comprehensive service portfolio, others offer domain-specific or lean-core solutions.

Our white paper in 30 seconds:

  • Financial institutions transform their core banking platforms due to product complexity, legacy systems, market conditions, and regulations.
  • BearingPoint interviewed core banking platform providers and gathered detailed information on their offerings and strengths and weaknesses in supporting decision-making.
  • Modern core banking platforms improve efficiency, provide real-time access to banking services, support data-driven decisions, and facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • Choosing the right platform should consider strategic, functional, and technical requirements.

We sent a questionnaire with over 150 questions to various providers of core banking systems, with questions and answers grouped into seven dimensions to provide a 360-degree view of the existing core banking products on the market.

Based on the results, we developed an evaluation framework to position and group the different providers and their products into a one to two-dimensional space, with the dimensions reflecting the various positions and requirements of banks and providing a compact overview of the provider landscape.

We hope you enjoy reading the white paper and look forward to helping you realize the full business potential of a modern core banking platform!

  • Core banking platforms vendor survey
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