The industry is undergoing a profound transformation worldwide, mainly due to the digitalization of the economy and society. Things are changing fast and even faster since the pandemic.

Trends which were identified few years back are now turning into megatrends and based of those we can already foresee how they will reshape the world of Insurance at every level.

But where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. Successful Insurers of  2030, are not only those who had supported the trend towards digitalisation, but also the ones who had radically rethought and acted in an evolutionary and even in a revolutionary way to adapt to the new environment. This what we could call Economic Darwinism.

We, at BearingPoint, have carefully studied the megatrends and in our Vision 2030 reports we are sharing with you a possible outlook and concrete alternative recommendations that Insurance companies could use to be better prepared for the changes ahead.

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