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Global logistics giant DB Schenker wanted to take the next step in effectively linking strategy to execution and tracking performance optimally.

With the introduction of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework by Workpath and BearingPoint, DB Schenker moved towards increased focus for their teams, improved execution speed, and implemented a new outcome-focused strategic operating system on a European level.

Le sfide del business dei clienti

In order to better link pan-European strategy with local execution in and across each cluster, DB Schenker looked for new ways to strongly connect their strategy, goals, success metrics, and the operative work of their teams. Through this, it was planned to tackle three challenges:

  1. Prevent mismatches between strategies and what teams were actually working on by connecting their work with strategic priorities.
  2. Make initiatives outside the classical project management work manageable by breaking them down into shorter-term initiatives and improving measurability through clear metrics.
  3. Align priorities effectively across different business units as well as functions.

Like many other industries, the logistics sector is pressured in particular for cost-efficiency and new levels of delivery speed. In this context, the new strategy execution setup was also an important step to shorten the strategy planning to execution cycle for a faster time to results.

BearingPoint’s and Workpath’s contribution

Structured scaling process

Workpath and BearingPoint offered a holistic concept to implement and scale OKR across the European clusters. It consisted of a step-by-step transformation roadmap to roll out the framework and establish a new organizational structure supporting agile strategy execution.

Leadership and employees were trained in workshop formats by senior consultants and then progressively onboarded to the Workpath platform. The platform supported the scaling process amongst others through more transparency about DB Schenker‘s goal system, real-time actionable data, and the possibility to nudge and support alignment across teams and hierarchies. Throughout the process, personal support and high-quality coaching for the Program Lead and OKR Coaches were provided.

Customized Consulting

Instead of offering off-the-shelf OKR training and providing access to software, BearingPoint and Workpath offered a customized package and established themselves as true partners.

Within the timespan of the assignment, tailored consulting services and 1-on-1 coachings were conducted with the European Program Lead as well as local Program Leads across European Clusters such as Ibera, NorthEast, BeNeLux etc. In total, BearingPoint’s expert consultants trained 300+ people from C- to team-level and conducted numerous sessions such as Drafting Workshops, Alignment Sessions, Reviews and Retrospectives .

The framework and professional services have been successfully tailored to the needs and challenges of DB Schenker. This was also reflected in the platform to support the process in the best way possible.


Besides enablement and software, the Workpath ecosystem gives DB Schenker access to additional resources like content, events, and a community of practitioners. This allows them to access a wealth of knowledge and learnings by tapping into the experience and best practices of similar organizations.

Risultati commerciali del cliente

The implementation of OKR with Workpath and BearingPoint helped DB Schenker to create a metric system and strategy execution process that supports teams to:

  • Improve their goal-setting skills and the measurability of strategic initiatives that could not be measured well in the previous setup
  • Sharpen their understanding of and focus on team priorities to achieve their strategy more effectively
  • Link their (local) work with the European strategy, creating increased focus which led to enhanced productivity
  • Speed up and continuously improve the strategy to execution cycle based on measurable data for faster results

DB Schenker

DB Schenker is the world’s leading global logistics provider with 2,100 locations and 74,200 employees worldwide. The organization supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods through land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight, contract logistics, and supply chain management.

With value-added services, DB Schenker ensures the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success.

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