Poor data quality?

Data is the foundation of digitalization: your data quality determines the success of your digitalization initiatives. Poor data quality hinders digital processes, while excellent data quality boosts process efficiency and enables new digitalization activities.

The BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator (DQN) is specifically designed to create the desired transparency and lift data quality to the next level, setting the stage for digitalization activities. Using AI-based correction mechanisms and in-house robotic process automation (RPA), data quality issues can be resolved without the need for human interaction, and you will realize immense efficiency gains across your organization.

Client challenges – Why it matters?

Whether your goal is to support a general master data initiative, a new product or plant launch, a digitalization project, or a harmonization initiative, an ERP roll-out or simply need to de-duplicate your supplier or client database, data quality is a make-or-break success factor that must not be neglected.

The ‘root cause’ of the loss of the spacecraft was the failed translation of English units into metric units in a segment of ground-based, navigation-related mission software

Arthur Stephenson, Chairman of the Mars Climate Orbiter Mission Failure Investigation Board

Our approach – How it works

The Data Quality Navigator performs mass data validations and identifies data quality issues. It provides reports about overall data quality and cleansing progress and provides a management tool to control progress over time. You can see data quality details globally and compare data across plants, departments, etc. The correction engine corrects identified data issues automatically, freeing up valuable time for your employees.

The Data Quality Navigator accelerates data quality initiatives:

Data Validation

  • Advanced data validation mechanisms continuously perform mass validations
  • Utilize an extensive set of validation mechanisms that can be adapted and extended according to your organization’s needs
  • Conduct a root cause analysis that uses a cross-referencing technology so that you also identify the source of the problem and prevent it in the future

Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • Data quality validation results are displayed in interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards that provide the relevant insights
  • Support the alignment of priorities across teams
  • Users receive alerts about newly identified data issues so they can be immediately addressed before process errors occur

AI-based correction and RPA integration

  • Significantly reduce repetitive and time-consuming cleansing activities with the help of RPA to clean your data
  • Automate correction efforts with AI-based correction mechanisms that increase efficiency and quality and can fuel your preferred RPA solution

Light-weight and versatile

  • The BearingPoint DQN is light-weight software that can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes and organizations
  • Great for project-based use at short notice – the DQN can be setup quickly so that you can expect rapid returns on your investment
  • Pay as you grow - the BearingPoint DQN is provided as a service with flexible subscription models on a software-as-a-service basis

Easy interfacing and data security

  • Efficiently and safely connect your system to the BearingPoint DQN software through various interface technologies
  • Data security and data protection are paramount for us and therefore meet high data security standards

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