Introducing the S&P Control Tower

It is common to find companies that have progressively accumulated IT solutions because there was no single offering that covered all their needs at the time. These different solutions in place are partly complementary, but in many cases many of them are unable to communicate with each other. In the Sourcing & Procurement (S&P) area some organizations are for example handling the procure-to-pay (P2P) processes via their ERP while managing the source-to-contract (S2C) ones with separate dedicated solutions.

"As a result, those companies find themselves with scattered data that becomes challenging to reconcile for proper analysis."


To solve this problem, we developed a unique approach that utilizes a robust tool to gather and display all essential information from various IT systems, providing a complete 360-degree view. Our S&P Control Tower, as we call it, not only monitors your global S&P activities but provides performance analyses that facilitates management decision process and increases operational team visibility.

Our S&P Control Tower is developed on an adaptive technology and therefore it can be connected to your various data sources such as an ERP or procurement solutions like Coupa or Jaggaer for example. We map information coming from those solutions and build Data Model according to your specific Procurement Lifecycle.

Our S&P Control Tower provides actionable insights to spot purchasing trends and optimize spend. It is particularly adapted to companies who are handling multiple IT solutions throughout their purchasing lifecycle. 


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