Introducing the People Centricity Dashboard

One of the major lessons learnt during and after the pandemics is that business is all about people and therefore it’s a priority not only to protect them both physically and emotionally, but also to provide teams with conducive working environment that allows them to carry out their mission effectively.

At the same time, while we are witnessing an increased attention paid to employees we can't help noticing that HR are not leveraging on modern tools to manage their resources.

HR Are not leveraging on modern tools

For many companies the digital transformation is not completed yet and therefore teams must operate with a combination of legacy IT and complementary platforms leading to scattered data which are difficult to reconcile. This is very detrimental as Data & Analytics do provide the necessary key insights that allow to better understand workforce and plan for the future

 All your key HR data in one place

Our application data model is designed according to your specific ways of working and IT infrastructure. With the People Centricity Dashboard  you no longer need to juggle between different platforms to extract key data and perform performance analysis.  All the metrics you need to monitor are stored in one place accessible from anywhere. 

The People Centricity Dashboard embeds more than 100 pre-defined HR metrics and relies on an advanced technology of Natural Language Understanding. This unique feature deciphers emotions through texts published in polls, blogs or social media. Moreover the application is running analytics algorithms which enable real predictive capabilities. 

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