Various crises impact a company’s business, and when looking ahead, environmental and social crises are at the top of the list, which explains why sustainability should be central to a company’s roadmap. 

The high number of social and environmental questions companies are facing shows the complexity of the topic: 

  • How can we maintain our growth in the face of climate change and resource depletion? 
  • How can we guarantee the traceability of our products and ensure the social and environmental commitment of our suppliers? 
  • Are we mature enough to address rising ecological and social challenges? 
  • How can we make our activities, operations, and corporate culture sustainable, as expected by our clients and society? 
  • How can we make sure our company contributes to the UN’s sustainable development goals and make it part of our strategy? Which Sustainability Performance Indicators should we monitor? 
  • Are our green financial investments aligned with our environmental commitment and our ambitions? 
  • Knowing that 53% of French people are willing to pay more to have products from committed companies (Opinionway poll, 2019), how should we transform our brand(s)? 
  • How should we communicate with our clients on our CSR engagements? 
  • Knowing that millennials will reach 75% of the workforce in 2025 and are deeply engaged in a search for meaning, how can we become more attractive for them? 

How BearingPoint brings value 

For more than 10 years, BearingPoint has been working in the area of sustainability, proposing pragmatic approaches like sustainability stress tests, offering points of views on the subject, and helping transform organizations in a wide range of industries. 

Our clients stay ahead of socio-environmental challenges with support structured around three complementary solutions: 

  • Identification of sustainable growth drivers through products portfolio review, new business models implementation 
  • Transformation of operating models through organization and governance evolution, integration of sustainability performance indicators in the management cycle, strategy communication 
  • Integration of sustainability in all activities: operations and procurement/logistics (supported by our solution LogEC), green finance, green IT.

What are our strengths? 

We help companies integrate sustainability into their strategic vision and translate it into tangible operational actions. 

Adopting a holistic approach, we focus on medium- and long-term impacts, even if the return on investment is not immediate. 

We are bilingual: on the one hand, we are able to handle sustainability challenges and limit associated risks; on the other hand, we know how to communicate with operational teams, salespeople, and financial managers to enable sustainable transformation implementation. 

Our teams have developed specific expertise on key environmental topics to offer you bespoke support

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