CFOs are facing unprecedented challenges

Business finance is changing. Established companies are under pressure from disruptive new business models, regulations, technologies and a growing responsibility for sustainability. Consequently, CEOs and management boards push hard to adapt their strategy, operating models, investment and teams. This is causing businesses to require more from their CFO teams, including not only increased agility but new analytic and strategic duties.

Clearly, the traditional role of the CFO is changing again. Yet across the field, current approaches are seemingly incapable of meeting these challenges, due to the need to modernize the finance function across the board.

According to the BearingPoint CFO 4.0 Study 2021:

  • 76% Strategy, agree or strongly agree that digitalization is an integral part of their CFO strategy
  • 87% Organization, express confidence in their CFO function’s readiness to respond to and leverage digital trends
  • 54% People, believe their employees have sufficient skills to execute the organization’s digital transformation
  • 56% Technology, have already adopted or are currently working to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • 49% Data, agree that better use of high-quality data is one of the most important benefits of digitalization
CFO 4.0: Augmented CFO or Uberized CFO?

CFO 4.0: Augmented CFO or Uberized CFO?

BearingPoint, CDO Alliance and FI+ teamed up and interviewed leaders in the world of finance who were involved in this type of issue to take stock of the current situation, identify real use cases, trends, the best start-ups, and the key factors of successful digital transformation programs.

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