BearingPoint’s free and open source software (FOSS) management services are a smart alternative to adding specialists to your head-count. As the leading FOSS management consultancy, we can take over all FOSS management operations, which is unparalleled in the market. Our FOSS services and consulting mandates cover the tech industry, financial services, IT, communication, retail, the media and the public sector.

Let our specialists remove the complexity: you get comprehensive and actionable compliance and security reports that directly and efficiently support developers as well as decision-makers. Ranging from single snapshot code analysis to fully managed services, you can scale without having to worry about increased complexity. Our services seamlessly connect to any software lifecycle without changing it, be it DevOps or Waterfall, allowing you to focus on innovation and differentiation, while enjoying the manifold advantages of FOSS.


Modular, standardized and scalable : Choose one of our standard packages, upload your code base and receive your compliance and security reports when you need them

Secure code base handling : your code base is securely transferred and stored in our EU data center during the analysis and will be completely destroyed at the completion of the project, certified in writing upon request.

Transparent cost and confirmed delivery date : Firm fixed price for the analysis, and a delivery date you can count on

Independent from tool vendors : We deploy a tailored combination of market leading scanning and analysis tools

Highly available : send your inquiry to and we respond within one business day

Our customers value our speed, prompt delivery and quality.

FOSS Offering

Respecting FOSS licensing terms is an integral part of Swisscom’s Corporate Responsibility Governance. BearingPoint has been a reliable partner for performing comprehensive Compliance Checks before software is released. The BearingPoint service is easy-to-use and delivers high-quality results, reliably and on-time. Its standardization, scalability and flexibility enable us manage FOSS compliance very efficiently.

Renato Chastonay, Enterprise Architecture & Innovation at Swisscom

You must have a robust and efficient FOSS management infrastructure to securely and efficiently integrate and deploy FOSS. Due to a high degree of standardization, the BearingPoint FOSS services give you that infrastructure, and modules can be combined and tailored to fit your requirements.

Using free and open source software may have significant legal and business risks such as copyright infringements, security vulnerabilities and unexpected warranty claims.

BearingPoint’s FOSS compliance services offer a flexible solution for the issues and risks that come with the use of FOSS. The services can be extended in a modular way at any time with added software lifecycle services and managed services such as application security and code quality.

With BearingPoint FOSS analysis services, you get a fast response, a highly secure handling of your code base, a unique mix of the latest FOSS analysis technology and human expertise, and comprehensive compliance and security reports for your business decisions.

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