The core elements of BearingPoint’s Smart Factory Model are the digitalization and interconnection of production systems, products and people (Internet of Things). Machines communicate and share information about their status and about workpieces. The route of any workpiece can be easily determined, and you are able to increase machine utilization and reduce throughput time.

BearingPoint’s smart production offering can make Industry 4.0 a reality for your company.

The BearingPoint Smart Factory Model enables machines to communicate and share information about their status, workpieces and errors. By connecting to commercial planning systems, the convergence of the shop floor and corporate management is possible.

Market drivers accelerating Industry 4.0 growth are:

  • Individualized products
  • Lot size 1
  • Shortened product life cycles
  • Connectivity through Internet of Things and cloud platforms
  • Capability to perform predictive analytics

Our Smart Factory Model demonstrates the main principles of Industry 4.0, helping in the identification of use-cases and cost-saving potentials. Furthermore, our approach supports the integration of the Internet of Things via cloud platforms to the underlying ERP layer. We cooperate with industrial partners like SAP, FORCAM, Cisco and Bosch SI, General Electric and Siemens. Our Industry 4.0 quick check helps you evaluate the maturity and readiness of your company.

Our Industry 4.0 offering increases machine utilization and the ability to scale up the average OEE of your machines, and reduces the throughput time. With respect to flexibility, Industry 4.0 helps you to react quickly to errors or changing demand patterns in a decentralized and flexible way.

By strictly and consequently applying Industry 4.0, we achieved breakthrough productivity improvements and increased the agility of our operations.

CIO of an industrial equipment manufacturer


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