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High safety stocks in your supply chain to assure business continuity? Need to jump into different systems to gain transparency on your material availability?

With Log360 all external parties like 3PL’s or suppliers become connected with your internal ERP-Systems, so that an end-to-end transparency is achieved. Log360 combines track& trace data from the transport with inventory data and production demand on material level. External and internal data is visualized in the Log360 Supply chain control tower. Deviations between plan and actual are tracked in real time, so that events can be tackled in real time. E.g. if a transport is delayed, Log360 realizes risks by analyzing traffic and weather data and checks if stock level is sufficient to buffer the delay. It even checks with production planning if a re-scheduling can solve the bottle neck. Enabled by IoT and smart devices Log360 provides condition monitoring on material level, so that quality issues (temperature, moisture, g-forces) that occur during transport can be identified prior to arrival of the transport, so that countermeasures can be initiated pro-actively. In case of an event Log360 provides with its optimization/ network logic decision support for alternative supply options. Log360 analytics is powerful and provides root-cause analysis and simulations features down to SKU-/ customer Level. Analytics comes also with a carbon footprint calculator to allow the environmental assessment of your logistics operations.

Log360 value proposition:

  • End-to-end: demand vs. supply connected and interactive
  • Global and for all modes of transportation
  • Tracking & Tracing on transport and material level
  • Material specific condition monitoring
  • Plan vs. AS-IS comparisons
  • Event handling
  • Powerful analytics to run root cause- and what-if-analysis/ optimizations
  • Allocation of costs, lead times, inventories, and CO2 down to SKU/ product level (segment of one)

Digital Supply Chain Management with Log360°