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We have a three-pronged approach to our offerings we introduced in 2015: It is based on Consulting, Solutions, and Ventures, three units complementing each other to create adaptive intelligence for our clients.

The Consulting unit is made up of four service lines: digital and strategy, finance and regulatory, operations, and IT advisory. We combine our consulting expertise in a unique way with proven technology packages from the three product lines of our Solutions unit: regulatory technology, digital transformation and advanced analytics. Part of the Solutions unit is also an incubator aiming at innovating new products.

While the combination of consulting services and proven technology solutions allows for customized approaches with rapid impact, it doesn’t cover all collaboration scenarios needed in a fast-paced market. Hence, we further developed BearingPoint Ventures in 2016. It is a dedicated program to incubate and develop innovative ideas and early-stage start-ups for and together with our clients. We engage with them even beyond traditional consulting-for-payment models: Investments and cooperations with start-ups extend our Consulting and Solutions portfolio to develop new offerings at start-up speed for our clients.