We head into the future as a strong purpose-driven organization and our purpose statement “Together we are more than business” builds upon our five basic beliefs that guide and encourage us to achieve lasting success for our clients and our firm.

“Together, we are more than business” is and shall be what this firm stands for and wants to be known for.


Our purpose statement helps our clients and external stakeholders understand who we are and why we exist. It touches upon three primary dimensions – people, innovation, and sustainability.

More for people

We seek to accomplish this in three directions. Our colleagues – to grow our own people into leaders of the future who can address dynamism and take responsibility for people, planet, and society. Our clients – to enable them to transform their businesses for the better to remain relevant in the future. Our society – to leave a positive footprint in this world beyond our firm.

We want people to feel that they belong here and that they are always rewarded and cared for. We believe in empowering our teams and encouraging both personal and professional growth. We celebrate collaboration. People-centricity is more than just words. It’s about keeping a promise to our people. It’s about the action we’re taking. We’ve defined a framework to illustrate the different levels through which we bring to life our people-centricity.

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More innovation

Innovation is integral to our business, so we’re constantly nurturing an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and the challenging and evolving of the status quo. Our unique technology-enabled consulting approach allows us to create an ecosystem of leading services, innovations and solutions that drive continued growth through IP Asset development. Through our innovation infrastructure, labs and networks, we offer increasingly more opportunities for our clients to join us on a journey of innovation.

Not only do we now have more than 20 IP products and services in our BearingPoint Store, we have also forged innovative partnerships with IFS and SAP. We work collaboratively with IFS on our joint venture, Arcwide, and in a sustainability led partnership with SAP.

More for our planet

Sustainability has never been more important for us or our clients. We’ve been building sustainable solutions for more than 10 years. We’re on the path to do more as we’re aiming to become B Corp certified and for a 50% reduction of our carbon emissions by the end of 2025. In our partnership with SAP, our BearingPoint Emissions Calculator is just one of many initiatives that we have developed to building a sustainable future of our business.

Our international sustainability services community is growing, organically and by teaming up. Recently, we acquired I Care, a specialized environmental consulting firm, to reach a critical size in climate/biodiversity/ESG expertise. With the integration of I Care, we further increase our capabilities in sustainable development strategies for our clients. We positively impact people and the planet the most by helping our clients transform business models and value chains.

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