The speed of change and the challenges of an increasingly digital world are creating new demands on senior leaders to dynamically improve business performance. It is imperative to deliver improvements that increase agility and are sustainable.

Operational excellence addresses these challenges across the full organizational value chain and focuses on driving improved bottom-line business performance. By adopting a structured methodology, firms can ensure that business plans are achieved in a dynamic, sustainable and timely fashion.

Our operational excellence capability addresses the key challenges facing business leaders:

  • How do we ensure we are capable of responding to the speed and scale of competition and change that our industry faces?
  • What actions do we need to take to retain our customers and continuously improve the service we provide?
  • How do we optimize our bottom line and continuously improve our company in an agile and sustainable way?
  • How do we ensure that all business units effectively contribute to the business plan?
  • How do we ensure that the business plan is turned into proactive, achievable and tangible improvement plans?
  • How do we ensure that the required changes are embedded into the organizational culture and behaviors?

In order to address these questions, we use the following approaches:

  1. Client value creation framework – Understanding the nature, viability and scale of improvement opportunities
  2. Performance control systems – Use of a systematic approach for controlling and improving business performance
  3. Performance improvement tools & methods – Approaches to support improvement initiatives such as Lean, Maturity Frameworks, Decision Making Tools, Agile Program Management, Change Management, Behavioral Change (e.g., active manager methodology), Robot Process Automation (RPA), etc.
  4. Operating model – Optimization of the operating and management structure to deliver performance improvements

How BearingPoint brings value

Our approach is centered on supporting our clients to implement improvements using appropriate tools, methods and approaches. To achieve this, we use our change management methodology to ensure that organizational habits and behaviors are aligned to the new ways of working. A key tenant of our values is to promote knowledge transfer to ensure that the operational excellence approach is used as part of the continuous improvement capability.

Our engagements deliver strong financial ROI and are typically cash neutral within the financial year. We help our clients plan year-on-year incremental improvements through the use of our continuous improvement methods. In addition, our focused approach to operational excellence delivers improvements in areas such as customer satisfaction, quality, revenue and service levels.

BearingPoint has served clients both at corporate and business unit levels in industries including Financial Services, Chemicals, Retail, Logistics and Telco.

BearingPoint supported our business plan to deliver a cost reduction of £2.1M within the financial year whilst at the same time increasing both customer satisfaction and service levels. We now have a sustainable operating model supported by a more motivated and focused operational team

Head of Business Banking

They have helped my business release valuable capacity and delivered an approach to performance management that will support our future business growth

VP Global Enterprise

Our operational excellence improvement model

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