Globalization, digitalization, uberization, platform economy: four words to describe the environment in which CEOs have to drive their company. We help organizations to innovate and develop new business models and winning strategies for value-generating growth.

In today’s world, companies are facing increasing competition from startups across their value chain, the acceleration of product and business model innovation, and therefore, the imperative to be agile and responsive.

A strategy of incremental changes is no longer relevant, as the pace of market change is too fast: companies need to embrace a large ecosystem to create value and to assemble the innovations of others.

The market response to this is the platform business model that allows the highest value creation in terms of financial performance.

Today’s winning growth strategy is about business model disruption, successful and timely digital transformation, operational excellence and, more than ever, customer care.

How BearingPoint brings value

To achieve these objectives, we offer a range of growth solutions that have helped our clients identify new growth opportunities across one or more of the four key dimensions: new geographies, new customers, new products/services and new business models, including digital platform business models.

We analyze future trends to create a growth solution that is relevant not only for today, but more importantly, for tomorrow and beyond.

BearingPoint’s growth solutions are focused on three challenges:

  • Develop a sustainable growth strategy: Corporate and business unit strategy, strategic planning (PMT), 360° sustainability strategy, disruptive leadership
  • Develop new business models and digital platform: Digital strategy and innovation, digital transformation and ecosystem management (including platform economy)
  • Accelerate external growth or refocus your investment capabilities: relevant merger and acquisition strategy and operational integration of the acquisitions (branding, pricing, target organization, IT integration, social and legal roadmap)

One year after the BearingPoint mission, we checked the performance. The results are tangible and measurable and there was a big rise in customer satisfaction.

VP Global Enterprise

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