Jaguar Land Rover

Задачи клиента

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) needed a partner to help set up the governance structure and the whole program of work for its ambitious and trailblazing connected car program designed to differentiate itself in the high-end automotive market and forge a new relationship with its customer base.

Вклад BearingPoint

  • Program management for JLR’s connected car program
  • Project management for launch outside the UK
  • Technical design authority for end-to-end architecture
  • Process and customer experience design
  • Testing and integration
  • Data privacy and product strategy
  • Road mapping

Key success factors

  • BearingPoint’s ability to conceptualize, manage and deliver many projects simultaneously
  • The willingness of the project team to accept new and unforeseen challenges
  • Quickly provide actionable input in terms of new ideas as well as guidance on how to proceed when hitting a roadblock
  • BearingPoint’s commitment to retain the team that helped define and refine the concept through to delivery

Результаты для бизнеса клиента

Delivery of a connected car solution with telematics.

  • Connected Cars : How Jaguar Land Rover Works With BearingPoint to Benefit Drivers 321.61 KB Загрузить

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