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I am happy to report that our revenues grew by ten percent to 622 million euros, reaching another record. All service lines, industry segments and regions showed positive revenue …


Peter Mockler Managing Partner

  • 2009 Foundation date as BearingPoint European partnership
  • 10,200 Global alliance headcount
  • 68 Global alliance offices
  • 78 Countries in which BearingPoint served clients
  • 155 BearingPoint Partners
  • €622m Revenue
  • 37 BearingPoint offices
  • 22 Countries where BearingPoint has a direct presence
  • 3,901 Global BearingPoint headcount

Strategy execution

Navigation is made for sailing. Strategy is made for execution. When your destination is set and you have made the choices how to get there, you need to set sail. That’s what we did in 2016, because our strategy is set to get us to our 2020 goal of one billion euros in revenue. We are closely watching the waters and the weather, though, and will adjust swiftly if needed – with adaptive intelligence, just as we do for our clients. Being adaptive to our clients’ needs across the globe can also lead us to opening new offices or expanding the relationships with our alliance partners. In 2016, we did both.

Execution is what makes a strategy count. Our Chief Development Officer Patrick Palmgren elaborates on our strategic moves leading up to the 2020 goal of one billion euros in revenue …


Patrick Palmgren Chief Development Officer

Increasing global reach as One Firm

We make sure that our clients have full access to our resources from all around the globe. We do this through our global consultancy network that spans across 35 countries with more than 10,000 people.

Being close to our clients wherever they need us is a top priority for us. As a global player, we believe in a global language, but with local dialects. While we make sure that we offer …


Marcel Nickler Chief Global Network Officer

Key initiatives

At BearingPoint, innovation, digitalization, and regulation are key initiatives driving growth. Innovation keeps us nimble and adaptive to our clients’ needs in an unpredictable market environment. It also helps us to attract and keep the right talent. We grew an ecosystem for innovation to make it flourish. Digitalization runs through our veins as management and technology consultants and we aligned our approach across the firm to allow for unified results, keeping us ahead of the curve. Regulation presents many of our clients with waves of regulatory reporting requirements. Our regulatory technology products reliably navigate them through the changing waters, continuously evolving with new challenges as they emerge.