Trends and Challenges

Our research demonstrates that the main barriers to successful digital transformation are found in an organization’s structure and culture. On top of that, an organization may be overwhelmed by a changing market and the need to generate new revenue possibilities – the need for a new business model.

Adjusting to these challenges is complex, and our experience has shown that many organizations do not know their digital status. They are even unaware of existing cross-functional initiatives or unable to alter long-standing, traditional company structures.

Our Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) helps to identify potential by providing your digital status and your way forward.

DMA Concept

The DMA is a proven methodology to assess, analyze and further enhance our clients’ digital capabilities. We have been developing this BearingPoint service offering based on our experience in leading digital change in production and service industries.

Our approach comprises five phases to assess an organization’s digital maturity.

5 phases DMA

DMA client benefits

Our clients benefit from the DMA by:

  • Receiving an assessment that takes specific industry challenges into account
  • Obtaining a holistic view of the as-is operating model as well as a should-be model that reveals the enhanced digital capabilities
  • Receiving recommendations that are specifically tailored to their organization and industry
  • Identifying hidden digital talent in their organization and understanding how to enable cross-functional collaboration
  • Determining which function in the organization should be in the driver’s seat on the road to digitalization
  • Raising digital awareness
  • Our expertise in traditional industries and as a facilitator of structural and cultural change

The DMA offers a 360° view of an organization by determining the digital maturity level of its different functional business areas.

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