Digitalization has changed the way we live and work and calls for the state to change its engagement with its citizens and businesses. Likewise, expectations regarding public services are shifting.

Digitalization needs to be reflected in all policies such as education, health, and national security. This requires: 

  • A sound and secure IT infrastructure that is accessible and responsive
  • Digital literacy, which is a fundamental prerequisite for competitiveness and modern democracy
  • National legislation that paves the way for emerging trends such as new license models in cloud computing

Our solution

A government that adequately addresses these challenges yields tangible value to the public and its public servants. We know how to spur on this innovation, and we support our clients on their journey to become a digital state by:

  • Developing impactful and realizable strategies
  • Re-engineering business processes and workflows
  • Advising on the selection and implementation of suitable technology

Our approach

BearingPoint’s approach is:

  • in the strategic goals and challenges that drive the administration and its department
  • by what is technically feasible and legally possible
  • on an analysis of the customer’s level of digital maturity and its capabilities
  • in development with a targeted value creation with every sprint
  • Convinced that the changes in administration yield a positive impact

We run our projects based on state-of-the-art methodologies and have developed a set of techniques for our public-sector clients following a four-step process:

  1. Preparation: Understanding digital opportunity and risks
  2. Analysis: Evaluating the digital level of maturity and defining focus points
  3. Formulation of a strategy: Conducting a cost-benefit analysis, linking initiatives to one another, and building a portfolio of digital service offerings
  4. Road mapping: Drafting initiatives and actions, setting timelines, and implementing services as well as sustainable governance mechanisms

Expected value

We enable our clients to thrive in the digital world. From multiple perspectives, we look at internal and external benefits, take care of accompanying change management processes including in-house marketing activities. We empower our clients by developing competencies through further education and target hiring. Altogether, this results in a meaningful use of IT solutions within the organization.

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