Times are over when HR departments were the mere processor of transactions. The pace of external and internal change for public sector organizations demands that HR has a new overall role: as an advisor to management and an expert on people operations. BearingPoint supports the HR function to strengthen their current capabilities in order to develop a delivery model for its organization.

Today, public sector authorities are faced with numerous changes: stepped up competition for talent, an aging workforce, Generation Y, data-driven HR analytics, new technologies (HR systems). Behind these buzz words, one number illustrates the need to act: 7. In 2030 in Germany, there will be up to 7 percent less people working than today1. The workforce is decreasing and getting older.

Leading organizations overcome these challenges by building a powerful HR function. They use efficient standard processes that are supported by modern IT tools that analyze data and provide advice to management. This enables management to develop adequate strategies and maintain a well-functioning workforce.

To achieve this, a far more nuanced view of the HR function and its underlying activities is necessary. It is essential to understand HR as a value driver within the organization and the strategic, operational and supporting (SOS) role of HR. We developed a strategic HR assessment tool to gauge how “future proof” it is.

Maturity model, the “future proof” HR function

By combining our expertise in organization, strategy and IT consulting, we developed a maturity assessment model that enables you to analyze different elements of your HR department:

  • Core processes and organizational setup
  • IT support and performance
  • Employee satisfaction and knowledge
  • Links between HR and organizational strategy

How our approach adds value

We will provide you with a clear picture of how to improve your HR function. We will point out all organizational and strategic aspects that can be optimized and help you implement concrete measures. Overall, this leads to:

  • More satisfied HR customers within the organization
  • More satisfied HR staff within the department
  • Optimized IT solutions that enable the department to deliver quality work
  • Optimized processes and structures linked to strategy

1 Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Germany, 2013, “Arbeitsmarktprognose 2030”

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