Traditional forms of planning, decision-making, controlling, governance and leadership processes call for an adaption to current and future operating conditions that public organizations face. A well implemented and organization-specific strategic management approach combined with strategic controlling and tailored personnel development efforts can help secure a public organization’s strategic and operational ability to act.

Disruptive changes represent significant challenges to executives in their efforts to ensure a public organization’s strategic ability to act.

It is evident that disruptive changes are both an opportunity as well as a threat for companies as well as for public organizations.

Today’s public organizations have a multi-generational workforce whose expectations diverge significantly when it comes to work and workplaces, work-life balance, and family. Given this context, public organizations are especially challenged in their strategic and operational ability to act.

BearingPoint conducted a survey on strategic management and controlling in public organizations to identify the key challenges.

In the survey “Strategic Management and Controlling in the German federal Administration,” the importance of strategic planning and management for today’s public organizations was clearly expressed. However, at the same time, executives stated that they felt insufficiently prepared for these requirements and tasks. About 60 percent of the participants said they have knowledge in the area of strategic planning, but they felt unable to put the approach into practice because of a lack of methodological experience.

BearingPoint helps national as well as EU public organizations address today’s management challenges. We accompany them in their efforts to implement organization-specific strategic management approaches, strategic controlling and tailored personnel development.

BearingPoint has extensive consulting experience in the area of strategic management and controlling in public administration. We support public organizations in their efforts to manage their long-term strategic goals with strategic management methods, organization-specific strategy development, goal-based management approaches, guided management dialogue, and the implementation of comprehensive control systems. Furthermore, BearingPoint assists clients in the implementation of executive coaching and personnel development to ensure the necessary competencies within the organization.

Strategic management and controlling enable organizations to manage processes in a sustainable and future-oriented manner. Please contact us to get in touch with our partnership-based consulting approach!

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